Book: Something Borrowed

I dunno what the chances are that one can have one title for two different books about two totally different things, but I guess with chicklit, it was only a matter of time (particularly when the title is a line from marital vows. There’s probs 4 other ones). I just finished reading Something Borrowed by […]

Book: Star

So, I am ashamed that after not doing a book review in forEVER, THIS is the book I choose to do. Forgive me. In my defence, there are a couple of books I have been trying to read that are just really not working out (you know, the ones that everyone including the Pulitzer/Oprah says […]

Book & Film Film 1: My faves for the holidays

So, over the holidays, I watched a bunch of movies, and I am going to give my unsolicited (although not so VERY unsolicited, as you are reading this, aren’t you? Just saying. Ha) opinion on each one. And so, in order of the ones I liked least to the one I liked the most. 5. […]

Book & Film Book 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Bad Beginning

Long have I prowled the streets of Nairobi looking for these series, and finally I found it. (Ha. There’s a pun in there) I kept finding number sijui 11 sijui 13 (which means I have quite a ways to go, sigh). I now realize I should have bought them while they were 50 bob, because […]

Book & Film

So, I am starting a new bit in my blog, where I review – you guessed it – book & film. It’s kinda secretly my dream job. I may not be good at it, but it’s my blog so I don’t care. Ha. Most of the books and films reviewed are available for rent from […]

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