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So, I am starting a new bit in my blog, where I review – you guessed it – book & film. It’s kinda secretly my dream job. I may not be good at it, but it’s my blog so I don’t care. Ha.

Most of the books and films reviewed are available for rent from me for 20 bob apiece for a period of a week. I will hurt you if you do not get them back to me, and that’s the truth.

Now. What book to do first. I am trying to choose between
1. Anne of Green Gables – L. M. Montgomery
2. Redwall – Brian Jacques
3. Their eyes were watching God – Zora Neale Hurston
4. Perfect Together – Lisa Plumley
5. Full Blast – Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes
6. Valley of the Dolls – Jacqueline Susann
7. Perfect-Judith McNaught

Oh my. I need to branch out. Lol.


ps. I JUST watched Avatar. I know this looks bad. But I did. And that’s the truth. (also, for 20 bob. Hehe.)

4 thoughts on “Book & Film

  1. NO. 7: Perfect. I can recite that book page to page! That is the most feeling book I have ever read I think. My chest hurt so bad the first time I read it! Great read

  2. ahem!! how are you reviewing a romance novel (ref. no 7) 😀 if you must, you really should recap the steamy scenes for us haha….but you can never go wrong with Anne of Green Gables. Personal fave of mine

  3. @hbarasa hehe. :o) All the Anne series. Soon I will review an L.M. Montgomery that is NOT in the series…I did not even know those existed lol. Also, Perfect together is also a chick lit novel, and Valley of the Dolls borders on that as well, kind of reminiscient of an old school American Marian Keyes. Oh, as is Full Blast…goush…

    @nymmoh It was a good one. :o) I enjoyed it too.

    @untonyto A tad. :o)

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