I swear

I swear I look at love songs now and I’m like, please, that never happens, that isn’t true but it’s just secretly my heart feeling bad that that isn’t true for me.


I have no time to be lied to by you.

I have no time to be lied to by you.  If you want me, want me, fiercely, wholly, under a thick spotlight of truth.  If you need me, say so, often.  If you want forever, then fucking commit.  If you want our dreams to be ours, forge them with me with magic and the harsh […]


When I people watch, I’m usually trying to decide if people are happy. No making up elaborate stories about their inheritances or sex lives, unless they have a super obvious pointer to either, but whether they have contentment. Whether the chubby mother running after her chubby baby really wanted said baby, or if in the […]


In my lifesometimesI’m not surewhich is easier to findloveor truth.And sometimes it seemsto beto methat these masters of artistryhide their faces from me.

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