A blueberry bounty!

I was at Art Caffe today because I love Art Caffe! cue dance My meager (yet grateful) budget allowed me a double mocha (slurp) which I needed because I’d slept for kedo 4 hours the night before. So I wanted a pastry too (I was really trying to not look at the salmon sandwich calling […]

Food: Alexandre’s

I haven’t done a food post in a while because brokeness but one must always hope that other people will give you money or invite you to shit that has free food, amirite? #theFoodiePrayer So I went to Alexandre’s last week. I have reviewed Alexandre’s before – I had a really hard-bunned sandwich (while under […]

The Sheep of Art Caffe: Rated PG-17, or, the Art of Sheepery aka General Sheepishness and Artsy Fartsy Tomfoolery

jumps onto wagon leaps into foray springs into melee bes a sheep And all other similar…similes? Metaphors? Descriptive phrases? Homophrases? Sigh. I did KCPE AND KCSE. 8-4-4 don’t mean a damn thing. It’s everywhere, is Art Caffe today, poor buggers, so I’m following the herd and blogging about it. Some stupid sod decided that the […]

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