do you know why

Do you know why mothers are a healing ground? Why they are a balm, a saviour, a creator of light? Why they can take your tears and turn them into the redefining of what your soul is, a better version, a refined self? Because they have been knitting you together, reshaping you, since you were […]

all I can think of

All I can think of is you is you. All love that I dream of is you is you All loving I see All beauty around me all hopes and all wishes are you.   The darkness inside is you is you. The pain that I hide is you is you. The words that I […]


In the quiet of what is left of us Will you still care for us? Will you imagine dragons to beat them for me? When we’re not at the best of us Will you run away from the ugly us Will you run and run until you’re finally free? In the years that come for […]

I thought I told you

I’m not the normal needy girlfriend; I thought I told you this before. I’m the one who’ll panic when you don’t text me back in an hour, automatically thinking you’re dead and how the hell am I going to tell your mother. I’m the type who will be cut too deep every time you say […]

Number 2: Not All Women

For some women, you know, it changes. We start off with me all over your body, needing to breathe you and feel you constantly, ceaselessly, wondrously, until you feel like a smothered treasure, no breath, no air. Then at some point, when you make your displeasure at our stifling known, it changes. Then we retreat […]


When his ex who was your best friend before they fucked starts following you on Instagram and your natural reaction, of course is to look through her pictures and see if she’s ugly yet, or lost that slight mboch flavour you knew well and loved, if the burning desert sun has worked wrinkles into her […]

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