all I can think of

All I can think of is you is you. All love that I dream of is you is you All loving I see All beauty around me all hopes and all wishes are you.   The darkness inside is you is you. The pain that I hide is you is you. The words that I […]

love can will kill you

Love can kill you, easy. She hides behind this veneer of sacrifice and selflessness but in reality she’ll take everything you have to give without blinking. And tell you not to be a monkey about it. You become selfless because you don’t have a self anymore. You start to care more about this person than […]


I have no time to be lied to by you.

I have no time to be lied to by you.  If you want me, want me, fiercely, wholly, under a thick spotlight of truth.  If you need me, say so, often.  If you want forever, then fucking commit.  If you want our dreams to be ours, forge them with me with magic and the harsh […]

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