She said: I was fingered once on my back in front of the maize cobs that waved in my mother’s backyard. I remember itchy grass and an uncomfortable feeling that something was poking somewhere I did not want it to be; something dry and scratchy like what a scarecrow boner must feel like. Only the […]


When his ex who was your best friend before they fucked starts following you on Instagram and your natural reaction, of course is to look through her pictures and see if she’s ugly yet, or lost that slight mboch flavour you knew well and loved, if the burning desert sun has worked wrinkles into her […]

I only regret

I only regret giving you too much. You saw my glory. I let you touch it. I let you taste it. I let you be changed by it, and then it was too late, because I was changed by you. I shouldn’t have let you feel even a little of my perfection. But I did. […]

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