do you know why

Do you know why mothers are a healing ground? Why they are a balm, a saviour, a creator of light? Why they can take your tears and turn them into the redefining of what your soul is, a better version, a refined self? Because they have been knitting you together, reshaping you, since you were […]

All women should repeat

Hey, you know how girls have this thing where we sit and affirm each other and ourselves about how we are beautiful and worthy and deserve more from the people in our lives? Sometimes I think we should do that for guys, but not for affirmation. For clarification. Like guys should come and say all […]


The easiest ship to sink is a mother’s heart You’ll see it when it happens, when she looks at you, eyes and soul heavy with a dank disappointment about who you have chosen to become – not her, not anything like her, and not anything she wished. You see the hope fall and you let […]

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