I hate seeing my exes. Ok, I don’t hate seeing all of my exes. There are some who I’m very happy to see. I like seeing the ones who I split with amicably. There was even some horizontal tangoing post the breakup just to be officially done – the prescribed last three rodeos before retirement […]

church but not for White Jesus

When your heart’s been broken a couple of times, you understand the resistance that people have towards ever falling in love again. I get people’s anxiety now. Back when I hadn’t been broken up with and heartbreak was a vague thing I identified with in Celine Dion songs. But after my heart shattered, it was […]


When his ex who was your best friend before they fucked starts following you on Instagram and your natural reaction, of course is to look through her pictures and see if she’s ugly yet, or lost that slight mboch flavour you knew well and loved, if the burning desert sun has worked wrinkles into her […]

shoulda woulda coulda

If you loved her you should have just told me.  My heart wouldn’t have died as swiftly as it did when I saw  your hands  souls touching in an open secret.


The curve of her neck the weight of her lashes, I watch her sway slowly pushed by winds she did not go out to seek as shards of a broken heart trickle down her cheek into a pool of hurt on her dark, perfect skin.

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